Whitley's Halloween Birthday Party

Monday, October 18, 2010

Whitley's birthday is October 18th, and while she was little enough to not care about having a girly princess party like her sister, we thought it would be fun to have a Halloween themed birthday party.  I scoured the web for tons of cute halloween party ideas.  Here are a few that I came up with, plus a few more that I have pinned onto my Pinterest Halloween Board!

pumpernickel bread and pimento cheese sandwhiches, cut into ghost shapes!

take a ritz cracker and stick pretzels on using peanut butter as glue, cover with melted chocolate bark and two white chocolate chips for eyes.

I used a large jar from Wal-Mart, filled it with old dry twigs that I spray painted black, and weighted it down with rocks that I spray painted black. 

Orange, White, and Dark Creme candles covered with scrapbook paper, glittered letters tied on with ribbon on a picture frame with scrapbook paper inside.

We put favors in cups and hung them from branches (hot glued ribbon)

Our Spooky Buffet included mummy dogs, Spider Web Dip, witch's brew (Texas Chili recipe), Monster Claws (Chicken Fingers), and Ghoulish Dip (Spinach Dip)

Seven Layer Dip on a flat round black platter.  Recipe Here.  Very easy!

Mummy Dogs - Hot Dogs wrapped with strips of crescent rolls.

Even the plastic ware got dressed up!

Spinach Dip with Scary Hand!

This was for a game that we played.  There were about 10 bags, each one had a number.  Each guest got a sheet of paper number one to ten.  They had to stick their hand into the bag and write down what they thought was in the bag.  This was soooo much fun, especially for the little ones who couldn't quite explain what they were feeling.  Some of things I put into the bags were - cooked spaghetti, peeled grapes, nails and screws, frosted flakes, styrofoam peanuts, cotton balls and glitter, oatmeal.  You could really use just about anything you have laying around!

I made these jars following a tutorial somewhere online, but they have since broke.  Cute while they lasted!  The jars are now in my pantry, sans bases and tops. 

My hutch, all dressed up for fall!

The birthday girl!  (We changed outfits about 5 times during the party...  we started out as a ballerina, and ended up as a butterfuly princess HA!)

My mom with Belle playing pin the tail on the cat!

We had some pretty famous people show up...  Alice and the Mad Hatter!

Buzz Lightyear!


Belle (minus the Beast)

Happy Halloween!


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