Have you read your owner's manual lately?

Friday, May 6, 2011

I had such a revelation yesterday morning about following God’s will for our lives and not only reading his word, but following…. I think this came from Joyce Meyer, and I am certainly parapharasing, but it is worth repeating because it certainly hit home with me!
I love my car. It is big and fits every purpose of why I bought it – to fit all of our family, plus friends, plus hauling anything that I might want to haul around with plenty of room to spare. I don’t want anything to happen to my car. Not only would I not be able to afford it if something were to break – from time to time I make major investments in my car to keep it running the way it is suppossed to run. I change the oil regularly, I wash it regularly, and have it serviced regularly. When I, or the mechanic, it not sure about what to do, the owner’s manual is checked. I could be pretty correct in assuming that most of us are the same way with our vehicles. We depend on them, so we take care of them because we can not afford to have them break down or replace them.

Because of this, I am certainly not going to read the owners manual and think ‘Ha!’ I bet that the manufacturer is just trying to keep me from having fun and throw the owner’s manual away and do whatever I want to with my car. If I were to do that, then we all know what would happen – the car would not work and I could not get where I wanted or needed to go.
So why do we ignore the only owner’s manual that was made for us? The Bible. Made by God. B.I.B.L.E. basic instructions before leaving earth. If God created the universe, and everything in it, then he’s got to know what is best for me.
I am currently going to re-evaluate my goals, thoughts, and actions. I want to try and listen to God more and try to hear what he is telling me he wants from me. He has big plans for me. He has big plans for you too! Are you ready to read the owner’s manual?


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