Ten Things... I do even though I know I shouldn't

Monday, May 9, 2011

  1. Drink coffee at all hours of the day or night even though I know I may be up late at night listening to my husband snore.
  2. Let my laundry build up and then let my children hide in it.
  3. Buy all kinds and varieties of strange and exotic fruits and vegetables only to throw them out after they have gone to rot.
  4. Let my kids skip bath if they have played in the water outside.
  5. Sleep in late on Sundays and watch TBN and try to make myself believe it counts as going to church.
  6.  Occassionaly let my children eat cereal for dinner on my white couches.  While watching
    movies.  So I can facebook and blog.
  7. Hit snooze three times, every morning.  And then gripe to my son that he shouldn't use his snooze button. go ahead, call me a big fat hypo.
  8. Buy used furniture off of craigslist.  the same way I buy produce.  Eventually I get tired of it
    and it ends up in our garage or goodwill.
  9. Go all day and realize that I'm really thirsty because I've only had three cups of coffee
    and a gatorade to drink and down a 44 oz cup of water because you know you should have lots of water during the day, only to wake up in the middle of the night to pee 45 times...  that is if the coffee or the snoring husband actually allowed you to sleep. 
  10. Record my husband snoring on my iphone to prove to him that yes, he really does wake himself up and then play the track of him snoring on my blog to prove to your friends that yes, he really does wake himself up because hey, what else are you going to do between pee breaks on a caffeine high?
  11. see...


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