Who Was Jesus? Practical Ways to show your kids who the real Jesus Is.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am planning on starting a monthly or weekly series here on Southern Grace.  I have a heart for Jesus and I feel Him calling me to tell others about how much He loves them, and I hope and pray that this blog will be one of many ways that I can accomplish that.  To start the series off, I will be doing a series called "Who Was Jesus?"

Not long ago, my middle daughter asked me about who God was.  Where did God come from?  What does God look like?  Hard questions to answer, but great questions nonetheless.  It is hard for our children to understand who Christ is unless they see it lived out through their parents, and through tangible examples.  So I prayed about ways in which I could show my young children who God is.  I started to search the bible and all kinds of bible studies and magazines and came up with  list of ten attributes that I could use to describe God to my children.......  hence the birth of this series - Who Was Jesus?  It will be a guide to teach our kids about who Jesus was and who Jesus is.  A guide with some tangible simple teachable ways to live out the words of Christ.  Here is the list of posts that I'm planning.  I'll hope you'll join me on this journey of bring our kids, our families closer together and closer to Christ.

1.  HE KNEW WHO HE WAS:  How to teach your children to stand firm when they are struggling with their identiy.
2.  HE HUNG OUT WITH SINNERS:  How to raise our teenagers to make the right choices in the midst of sin.
3.  HE CONFRONTED THE RELIGIOUS:  How to teach our kids about being hypocritical.
4.  HE FACE REJECTION:  How to teach our children about rejection.
5.  HE OVERCAME FEAR:  How to teach our children to stand up for themselves and deal with peer presure.
6.  HE MADE SERVING A PRIORITY:  How to teach our children about priorities.
7.  HE DIDN'T SEE THE BLING:  How to teach out teenagers about passing judgement on others.
8.  HE USED HIS WORDS CAREFULLY:  How to teach our children about the impact our words have on others.
9.  HE SUFFERED FOR ME:  How to teach our children about the dangers of revenge thinking.
10.  HE IS THE ONLY PERFECT MAN:  How to teach our children about rationalizing bad decisions.


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