WWWeekly Roundup

Saturday, June 25, 2011

In case you might have been wondering what you might have been missing on the good old www this week, here ya go folks...

Great article about poker.  Yeaaaa, not that kind of poker...  God is calling your bluff, are you going to answer? 

It's not too late to pick your word.  Do you have your one word?  If so...  how ya doing? 

Got some time you want to waste....  go here now:  totsandgiggles.com you're welcome.

Got an iphone?  My kids new favorite ap camwow kept them entertained all day yesterday!  See..

Got any friends you really want to annoy?  send them this.  Got any enemies?  Send it to their kids. 

I may be a little late for Father's Day, but this had our family cracking up.
peace out yo.


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