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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I am choosing to participate in Ann Voskamp's #JoyDare for 2014.  She is calling 2014 "The Year to Fly".  I could not have poured over her blog pages more only five short days ago as I stood on the cliff of the new year not really feeling able to fly at all.  I certainly won't say it was Ann that gave me wings and helped me to get out of a crazy pit that I was in, because it was Christ... but she certainly gave me inspiration on where to look in God's word that strummed on my depressed little heart strings perfectly.  

So I will begin counting my blessings.  A gratitude list.
  1. For getting back on track.
  2. For Whitley's safe dentist appointment.
  3.  For wonderful teaching partners who support me when I'm sick!
  4. For sleeping children who let their parents rest.
  5. For a bountiful New Year's Day Dinner - ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, cornbread and black eyed peas.
  6. For my wonderful BLUE workout outfit from my mom that ALMOST inspires me to go run even though it is 40 outside!
  7. For Beth Moore's free books.
  8. For a beautiful bracelet from my husband for Christmas.
  9. For a wonderful Christmas in Austin with my grandmother.
  10. For chocolate!!!!!
  11. something I'm making - thankful for sparkly blue material to make a cape like Elsa's from Frozen for my sweet girls....
  12. For my husband who took such great care of me when I was sick!
  13. A gift held - for my beautiful neice's brand new perfectly perfect little girl
  14. Thankful for returning back to work.... closer to summer!
  15. Thankful today for the health of my father-in-law who came through gallbladder surgery and is just fine!!
  16. one thing in my bag - so thankful for ipads and iphones to enterain my littles on log trips to the store
  17. one thing in my fridge - yummy southern biscuits to make pig-in-a-blankets!
  18. something in my heart - Romans 8:1-2
  19. 3 graces from people I love - my husband's words over Christmas vacation that snapped be back to reality.
  20. 3 graces from people I love - all of my friends who responded with such love and support after I poured my heart out!
  21. 3 graces from people I love - my mother.  who is full of unending grace and compassion and support
  22. dusky light - being able to blog and read God's word before interuptions
  23. surprising reflection - my first blog post of 2014.
  24. for First Baptist Church, Rockpot and how anxious I am to start a new bible study next week.
  25. Lovely shadow - so thankful for cloud covered rainy days to prepare our garden for some spring planting!  It was freezing yesterday, and warm today with constant drizzle!
  26. a yellow gift - for the bright yellow son that was shining today
  27. for driving by a certain place and being able to claim redemption with Romans 8:1-2
  28. 1/11/14 - a husband who paints my daughter's nails.
  29. 1/11/14 - for laughing and giggling little girls who sleep over and the promise to have people over more often 
  30. 1/11/14 - a freezer full of deer meet
  31. 1/12/14 - the first time at church in 2014... for a great sermon and a little conviction in sunday school
  32. 1/12/14 - The gift of a very talented and smart son working on his biology project beside me at the table
  33. 1/13/14 - for being organized and getting test grades into the computer
  34. 1/13 for being patient with certain students
  35. 01/13 for being responsible about getting to meetings on time
  36. 1/14 - for SUCH a good night's sleep
  37. 1/14 -
  38. 1/14 -


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