Happy Birthday!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Nathan, our oldest just turned 12.  Can someone please tell me what happened, cause like five minutes ago I was changing diapers and chasing behind him on his bike.  He has grown into such an extraordinary young man!  I am so proud of you!  His birthday is on December 31st.  New Years Eve.  The biggest party day of the year.  We have always struggled with how to have a party for him because it is so close to Christmas and so many people are either out of town or won't commit to coming to a party on New Years Eve.  So this year, we decided to have close friends and family over on New Year's Eve for a make your own pizza party.  Then in the middle of January when they go back to school, we will have a bigger kid friendly party.

This year, he was perfectly happy with pizza and a cookie cake.  How would you handle having a kid with a birthday on a holiday?


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