Happy Mudders Day!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Because I was really hoping for breakfast in bed and instead I got a breakfast taco... Because we woke up too late to go to church today and I'm avoiding Mount Laundry... And because my children are currently in our living room arguing over who gets to hold the pink wii remote... I present you with my favorite mothers day link....

and also this little gem...

And last but not least, meet Jennifer, her husband and their new baby Benjamin:

Jennifer had noticed that after giving birth, her memory was suffering. Dr. Oz confirmed that Jennifer was indeed suffering from “Mommy Brain”, a condition where babies suck the life out of their Mother’s by stealing her omega-3 fats. As you can see, Benjamin was quite enthralled with Dr. Oz’s theory. Either that, or all that brain sucking really wore him out.

So here's to all the mother's out there... whether new or old or as busy as Joan River's plastic surgeon, go take a hot bath, relax for a while, then suck it up like the rest of us and go do your laundry!


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