Who Are We?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nathan, age 12
Loves: hunting, fishing, camping, hunting, antagonizing his sisters, and hunting.
Hates: giving his sisters hugs, when he is not hunting or camping.

Gracyn, age 5
Loves: pink, Barbies, lipstick, nail polish, dancing, and generally being pretty sassy.
Hates: minding, going to bed, relaxing, picking up her toys and being quiet.

Whitley, age 3
Loves: Barbies, whining, taking her clothes off, pwincesses, elmers glue, permanent markers. Hates: the word no. unless she is saying it.
Jenny, aka Mommy.
Loves: coffee, Jesus, baking, eating, good bible studies.
Hates: lack of sleep, whiny children, stepping on legos in the middle of the night.
Chris,aka Daddy
Loves: his kiddos, his family, date nights, barbque, anything spicy.
Hates: moody wives, moody children, chocolate, anything sticky, laundry


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