Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Used to, back in the good old days of surfing the web, as I came across a picture on someone's blog or website that I really liked, I would right click on it and save it in one of a jillion files that I had on my computer. I'm not sure who invented Pinterest, but I would bet that it was because there are half a million mom bloggers out there who go back to their jillion files to find a picture when blogging and are like... uh... I don't know where this cute dresser came from, but it sure is cute ain't it?

So back in the stone ages, I saved pictures like these, that are a few of my absolute faves.  I'm hoping you can help me out and tell me where they might have come from, since they were saved back in the stone ages...

I love the wall done here, and I've wanted to do this in my entryway, but I know that it will take ten years. 
These candles are so pretty!  Perfect for fall holidays!

I think this came from Martha Stewart, and I'm not sure why I saved it - but I think this was the start of my obsession with white dishes.  That and The Nester's hutch. 

Ever seen Ratatouille?  This is the only way I could get my kids to eat squash for a while.

I will make this dress one day.  I saved this before I started blogging.  Or sewing.  That was like 3 years ago.  Better get on that huh?

So I'm pinning all of my old images to pinterest today.  If you aren't on Pinterest, you can request an invite from me by commenting below.  OR follow me...   at JennyButtler.  I'm off and pinning....


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