Trip to the Beach with Best Friends!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

They say in the south that there are really only two seasons... hot and hotter. This weekend officially marks the beginning of summer and belive you me... it was HAWT. for us with our first trip to the beach. Well, ok, not the first cause we kinda go all the time, but the first of the SUMMER meaning, since school is out! So we packed up the burban as Whitley calls it and all kinds of beachy stuff for a day of fun in the sun!

We are very fortunate to have good family friends that live very near us.  Not only are they good friends, but all of our husbands grew up with each other!

We now all have kids who are all the same age!  It has been such a fun blessing watching them grow up together, just like how their daddy's did...  forming life long friendships!

Two of my very best friends in the whole wide world!

I had seen a picture somewhere online of a bunch of kids lined up facing the water holding hands.  I wanted so badly for our kids to take this picture. I was a mom on a mission.
Almost!  But we're missing a few...

Ok, now just stand right here.  Yeah, right here. 

Um...  wait.  No, don't move.  Stand here. 

What was that?  You said move?  No problemo.

Perfection.  Except for my shadow.  And you're not holding hands.  I know that he's a boy.  Act like you like him.  Ugh.

special memories!


Darius Cartmell said...

What a wonderful photo you have there. My kids are so stubborn when it comes to modeling for my photos. It's great that your kids and those of your friends' are all of the same age. Yes, they will definitely have a lifelong friendship.

-Darius Cartmell

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