Every Day Counts...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Something I have learned from running.....  if I am training for a race, training is something that has to happen every day. What I never realized before is that "training" includes EVERY aspect of my life. What I eat, what I drink, how I sleep, and how much I rest. Even when I have a day off... I don't have the day off from eating well and maintaining proper hydration. I can't spend five days running and working out really hard, eating healthy portions and super foods and then go and gorge up on fried chicken and soda on my day off. Because it makes me feel horid the next day. 

Isn't sin the same way? 

Conscious as I am of my weaknesses and failures and my lack of self control, I fail.  When I know that it counts, I fail.  But God is not waiting for us to do better. He is not sitting around rolling his eyes when we mess up.  He whispers get back up.  Keep going.  Learn.  Your life still counts. 
Every day counts. Our lives, our thoughts, our actions and reactions are the footprints we lay down fresh ...  And time will race on and I will fail again at my training.  And there will come a day when I return to the earth never to know the children of my children's children who will trace over my footprints leaving paths of their own.  And as this stay at home mom ponders what I'm doing with my life, and where the mattering is, I am reminded that it is not in the grandeur of or the accomplishments, but in the moments where training meets grace.

 Reactions to situations, to my children, to my husband, my family.  Treatment of people in line at the grocery store - in front of us and behind us.  Potty training.  Hospitals.  What I choose to watch, where I choose to go.  What I say to the homeless man on the corner, the telemarketer who calls during dinner, facebook/twitter posts,  blogs, in the car, in my home.  It all matters.  It is a constant stream of chances to radiate Christ's love. 

Every Day I should open our eyes and thank God for the training that we are about to endure with the realization that how we handle it might help someone else finish the race.  And if I fail, I fail because of my humannes and I win when I keep going because Christ has allready won.

What am I really doing with my one life, this one wondrous grace that moves like grass in the wind, this one brief blink of earthly existence that holds all our eternity and before it’s too late, on and gone? (source)

Every Day counts.  What are you doing with the time that God has given you today?


Stacie said...

Great analogy.
And I have to say it, "Run, Jenny, Run!" :)

Theresa Miller said...

Yes. I, too, love the analogy! Great thoughts to ponder.

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