We lost our 1st Tooth!! No wait... teeth!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gracyn lost her first two teeth at the same time!  Now that they are both gone, you can really see the big teeth allready coming in!  As we were going to bed, we went through the usual ritual of leaving the tooth fairy a note.  My husband went to bed early because he had to get up and work really early, so I stayed up late to play tooth fairy.  After I was good and sure that she was asleep (no easy task), I snuck in and did the deed. I figured one dollar for each tooth would cover it.  Compared to the quarter that I used to get, I thought, man....  teeth are getting expensive!!  Pleased with myself, I went on to bed.  The next morning, Gracyn ran downstairs screaming...  "MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!!!"  I woke up in a daze, hoping that she found the money.  She ran into my room holding not two dollars, but SEVEN!!   She was ready to go to the store right then and there to buy a barbie.

A few minutes later, my asked my husband called to check and see if Gracyn got the money that the tooth fairy had left her.  He was worried that I might had forgotten to put the money under her pillow, so before he left for work, he put a five dollar bill under her pillow cause that's all he had in his wallet.

The next time she looses a tooth, I'm afraid she might be a little disappointed! 


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